Earthwise Oil-Only 5" x 10' Strand Boom 4ct per bag


Earthwise oil-only sock booms are manufactured with 100% recycled materials. They are designed to absorb oil spills in all conditions; both on land and water.  Our oil-only sock booms float in water, allowing for easy retrieval even when fully saturated.  Use the steel attachment clips and rings to link booms together to form a barrier to contain spills and soak up oil. 
  • New boom designed to recover surface oil better and faster than traditional boom.
  • Specifically designed for marine-based spills and open water, the AquaSpill Rapid Recovery Boom takes advantage of the natural movement of the ocean, bay or lake.
  • Twisted strand construction creates additional layers and crevices to enhance the available surface area and capture surface oil faster than traditional boom which is limited by its uniform surface.
  • Speed up the removal of petroleum-based fluids and environmental recovery.
  • UV-resistant ropes and nickel steel clips aid in boom deployment and management.


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