History: From Surf to Sorbents

Earthwise x Arctic Foam
Earthwise Sorbents was developed as a sister company of Arctic Foam, a 15-year-old, global leader and innovator of high performance surfboard blanks. As with many companies manufacturing products, chemicals spilled and had to be cleaned up. Fortunately, Arctic Foam discovered that the surfboard dust produced while shaping boards absorbed chemicals better than any other known products so rather than sending the foam dust to a landfill, Arctic began recycling it into sorbent products for their own use. Now, through Earthwise the surfboard dust, as well as other recycled material is being used for ocean, freshwater, land and workplace spills in a wide range of industries.
With the rising demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable surfboard materials , Arctic Foam also developed an algae-based based polyurethane surfboard foam that does not use harsh, environmentally damaging chemicals. This algae-based foam is also being used by Earthwise for sorbent products.
Arctic Foam estimates that over 20 tons of polyurethane and algae-based polyurethane foam waste would be landfilled from their factory alone each year in the absence of recycling. Today Earthwise is working towards its goal of repurposing 100% of polyurethane and algae-based polyurethane waste into high-performing sorbent products. Earthwise is urging surfboard shapers and manufactures to capture and responsibly dispose of waste foam and will soon launch a pick-up and delivery service for surf brands that use Arctic Foam products.