HiVis Universal Heavy Weight Pads


Our 100% recycled HiVis universal sorbent pads are designed for quickly and efficiently cleaning any small leaks and spills that your facility may experience. Earthwise Sorbents HiVis pads are easy to use and because of the high visibility caution coloring, are perfect to line any highly trafficked areas that regularly experience small drips and leaks. Protect against spills and leaks while taking precautionary measures to prevent unnecessary work place accidents.


  • A multi-use product offering that combines an absorbent with a caution/warning sign.
  • High-Visibility print layer draws quick visual attention to the affected area is strong and tear resistant.
  • Virtually lint-free and highly durable for high viscosity or high traffic applications.
  • Spunbond material is extremely strong and can withstand rigorous abuse from foot traffic.
  • Won’t tear apart when pulled or placed under equipment.
  • Product absorbs water, oil, diesel, gas, coolants, cutting fluids, hydraulic fluids, vegetable oil, acetone, turpentine, and more.
  • Made in USA
Product Width (In) 16
Product Length (In) 18
Pack Count 100
Product Color Hi-Vis Yellow
Bonding/Embossing Dimple
Ply Count/Layers 2
Perforations Yes
Product "Weight"/Density Heavy-Weight
Total Absorbency (Gal) 23
Total Absorbency (Qrt)
Total Absorbency (L)