Oil-Only Open-Net Boom 5in x 10ft


Our open-net booms are designed for outstanding performance in open waterways. Earthwise open-net booms efficiently absorb all oils and are especially effective in open waterways, where they are great for absorbing high viscosity oils such as crude oil.  The next time an open water spill happens, use Earthwise open-net booms to create a barrier to soak up oil and prevent the spill from spreading any further.


  • Absorbs oil or hydrocarbons, including gasoline, fuel oil, diesel and lubricating oil, while repelling water.
  • White fish netting outer sleeve allows greater oil penetration and easy saturation indication.
  • Forms a floating migration barrier to contain and absorb oil spills on water.
  • Available in open or sock-in-net styles.
  • Made in USA
Product Width (In) 5
Product Length (Ft) 10
Product Color White
Pack Count 4
Total Absorbency (Gal) 38
Total Absorbency (Qrt) 152
Total Absorbency (L) 144