Oil-Only Sorbent Sweep


Earthwise 100ft sweeps are made of 100% recycled material. They are designed for rapid spill clean-up and containment, and are ideal for removing thin slicks off the water surface.  Sweeps can be attached to booms using clips or you can attach the sweep directly to a marine vessel using the straps. Use our oil-only open-net booms to contain spills and soak up high viscosity oils and use our sweeps to quickly absorb sheens.

  • Nylon sleeve/clips allows you to attach sweep to a boom or multiple sweeps together.
  • Tough webbing resists snags and debris and allows you to extend sweep across a waterway or to attach sweep to a marine vessel.
  • Absorbs hydrocarbons: oil, gasoline, fuel oil, diesel and lubricating oil. 
  • Repels water.
  • Floats on water surface and can be used in conjunction with sorbent booms to efficiently contain and complete spill clean-up.
  • Made in USA
Product Width (In) 16
Product Length (Ft) 100
Pack Count 1
Product Color White
Bonding/Embossing Dimple
Ply Count/Layers 1
Product "Weight"/Density Heavy-Weight
Total Absorbency (Gal) 24
Total Absorbency (Qrt)
Total Absorbency (L)

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