Oil-Only Open-Net Bilge Boom 8in x 16in


Earthwise oil-only open-net bilge booms are manufactured with recycled and repurposed materials. They are designed to repel water as they effectively absorb oil-based fluids from sumps, tanks and bilges. The durable open-net design and polypropylene strips contained within the boom capture thick, viscous oils such as crude oil. Easy to deploy and highly effective.


  • Absorbs oil or hydrocarbons: gasoline, fuel oil, diesel and lubricating oil.
  • Repels water.
  • Contains sorbent material encased in a durable sleeve.
  • Bright white color makes absorbed oils easy to see and clearly shows saturation level.
  • Available in open-net or sock-in-net styles.
  • Made in USA
Product Width (In) 5
Product Length (In) 16
Product Color White
Pack Count 10
Total Absorbency (Gal) 10
Total Absorbency (Qrt)
Total Absorbency (L)

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